Women and Their Gardens

Women and Their Gardens - US Edition

Phew! Gardening Women has crossed the Big Pond safely and become Women and Their Gardens. Not only that, it's being welcomed widely. In fact it's earned a four-gherkin rating ('Good, innit?') on the Anglo Addict blog - thank you so much! Here is a selection of its US reviews:

Women and Their Gardens (Ball Publishing, 9781613743379) was featured on May 2, 2012 in a gardening column in Jackson [MS] Free Press. They call it, “A terrific Mother’s Day gift idea … it’s filled with interesting lore for the 18th-century salons of Mayfair to the women gardeners of World War II.” To read the article: http://www.jacksonfreepress.com/index.php/site/comments/its_not_too_late_to_plant_050212/


Women and Their Gardens  was positively reviewed on TexasGardener.com (vpm n/a). They call it, “a commendable, entertaining work of historical recovery.”


Women and Their Gardens was positively reviewed in the Philadelphia Inquirer (circ. 331,134) on March 30, 2012. To read the review: http://articles.philly.com/2012-03-30/news/31261601_1_gertrude-jekyll-first-gardeners-beth-chatto


Women and Their Gardens was featured with cover image on April 14, 2012 on “The Garden Bench” (blog). The blogger writes, “Focusing on the fact of history that women have often been excluded from the serious study of plants, Horwood brings these women into their rightful place in the horticultural spotlight. At more than 400 pages, there is much to be discovered about these pioneering women.” To read the article:http://thegardenbench.wordpress.com/2012/04/14/mulching-trees-and-a-stack-of-new-books/


Women and Their Gardens  was positively reviewed with cover image on April 11, 2012 on the blog Anglo Addict. They call it, “[a] lovely book … it is fascinating (and sometimes maddening) to read of how many women became involved in gardening, whether it was through being banished to the country by harsh spouses, needing to earn an income, or, occasionally, because they had the time and means to indulge their passions.” To read the review: http://www.angloaddict.com/2012/04/women-plowing-through-history.html


Women and Their Gardens  was positively reviewed with cover image on April 6, 2012 on the blog All the Dirt on Gardening. They say, “Pick it up for a friend or yourself – many hours of interesting tidbits and stories to read in it.” To read the review: http://allthedirtongardening.blogspot.com/2012/04/women-and-their-gardens-by-catherine.html