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Beth Chatto has devoted her life to being a pioneer of species plants and ecological planting. Across the world, the idea of 'right plant, right place' can be traced back to her Gold-medal winning stands at Chelsea during the 1970s and '80s, her books, her nursery and, most particularly, her famous damp and dry gardens at Elmstead Market in Essex, created out of farmland from the 1960s. 'Her breathtaking garden … should be a place of pilgrimage for all of us', believes Fergus Garrett. Fellow Garden Museum Archive donor John Brookes feels 'Beth's plants, her plantings and her writing have captivated not only me but the whole horticultural world.'

Catherine Horwood, Beth Chatto’s authorised biographer, will discuss different aspects of Chatto’s career, including her early influences from Sir Cedric Morris to flower arranging, her Chelsea years, her travels and long-lasting friendships including most famously with Christopher Lloyd, and the worldwide legacy of her gravel garden with its ecological heritage. She, along with Matthew Wilson, writer, horticulturist and designer, who was greatly influenced by Beth Chatto during his time as curator at RHS Hyde Hall in Essex, and Tim Richardson, garden historian and landscape critic, will pull out photographs and other ephemera from her collection which has been donated to the Archive to discuss the enduring legacy of Chatto's work.

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