Potted History

Potted History. The Story of Plants in the Home was published by Frances Lincoln on 1 October 2007 (£25, ISBN 978-0-7112-2800-9).

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Excerpts from reviews:

“Intriguing blend of social history, horticulture and interior design that examines changing fashions in houseplants.”

The Bookseller

This charming, thoughtfully illustrated book traces the interwoven threads of social and horticultural history that created a hunger for potted plants from the Tudors to today.”

Kathryn Bradley-Hole, Country Life

“It seems that Catherine Horwood … has found that rare thing: a genuinely new subject for a book pertaining to interior design… The book is full of interesting discoveries for the lay reader.”

Ros Byam Shaw, The World of Interiors

“A well-researched and intelligently written book, with appropriate and useful pictures – but also plenty to read. This is a book to recommend, both to those with an interest in growing plants indoors and under cover, and also those with an interest in social history.”

The Garden

“An interesting take on a topic that has rarely been discussed.”

The Spectator

“An interesting book, well researched and illustrated, and an enjoyable read.”

Professional Gardener

Synopsis There are plenty of books on how to look after houseplants, but until now no one has written about why and when plants came to be found in the home – and the fashions that swung from the aspidistra in the Victorian drawing room to the orchid in the designer loft. Catherine Horwood explores the role of houseplants and cut flowers in the home and has brilliantly combined social history, plant history and the history of interior design. This book explores the changing role of houseplants in the home. Social history, plant history and the history of interior design are brilliantly combined. It is illustrated with drawings, prints, watercolours, oils and photographs – some quirky and amusing, others beautiful and sumptuous.

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