One million tulips at Alnwick Castle

You may be surprised to see a link to the Financial Times' Business Diary here on Gardening Women but it's a piece on Jane, Duchess of Northumberland, who does appear in the book. The garden that she has created at Alnwick has been controversial but it has helped push Alnwick up near the top of the most visited (and enjoyed!) gardens in the UK. The Duchess has had planted 350 Tai Haku Japanese cherry trees with one million, yes, that's not a misprint, one million pink tulips below – and they are just about to bloom.

Have you been there? What did you think of the garden? Is it one of the UK's great gardens? Do let me know your thoughts on it…

Financial Times Business Diary Tuesday May 4 2010 – Duchess of Northumberland, Alnwick

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