Georgina Hallowes

'Under the management of a lady gardener'

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Recently I was sent this email about two 'lady' gardeners in 1911. Do these names ring any bells with anyone? We'd love to know more about them.

"I  happened to be looking through the 1911 census for St Nicholas, Artington, Guildford for something else entirely, when I came across a census return for two lady gardeners at Mount Browne, Guildford, and thought you might be interested.  Mount Browne is now a police college, but was earlier one of the homes of the Marchioness of Sligo, and at one time was let to Herbert & Agnes Jekyll.

Georgina Margaret Hallowes (1872 Hampshire - 1956 Bournemouth) was the daughter of Rear Admiral Frederick W Hallowes (1833-1901) & Georgiana Maria (1844 Germany - 1890 Portsmouth).  She is at home up to 1901, so presumably did her horticultural training between then and 1911.  I wonder where?  She married her father's first cousin, Edward Price Blackwood Hallowes (1851 Kent - 1923 London), a widower & a wine shipper, in 1920.  They had no children, and I cannot find her working between 1911 and 1920.  I imagine she did not work after marriage.

Adelaide Mary Acland (1885 Devonshire- 1972 Somerset) was the daughter of the Rev Henry Dyke Acland (1856-1903) & Adelaide Clementina (1865-).  She was at the Beehive School in Bexhill in 1901, but that is described as School for Ladies.  She died a spinster in Taunton.  I wonder if she went on working as a gardener and where?"

Do post a comment if you can shed any light ...