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Heroines of Horticultural talk on Kensington Rooftop Gardens Sunday 16 July 2017

The re-birth of Ellen Willmott's Italian garden


The pavilion at Villa Boccanegra © Felice Piacenza

Fascinating article by Robin Lane Fox in the Financial Times this week - Italy's Villa Boccanegra and the ghost of Miss Willmott. Lots of stories about Ellen Willmott's extravagances - she filled it with plants and flowers but only spent a month a year there. We also hear about the saviour of the garden - Miss Willmott's third - Ursula Piacenza. On the Italian/French border just near Ventimiglia, it sounds as though Miss Willmott's ghost must be very happy.


East terrace with Agathis robusta © Felice Piacenza